A bespoke wedding ceremony as unique as your love story.


Let's plan for a wedding like no other

What does your dream ceremony look like? Let's make it a reality on your special day!

I believe that couples deserve to celebrate and honour their moment in a way that suits them.

Planning your big day should be exciting and enjoyable!
With me as your Celebrant, I'll listen to your vision, your story and together we'll create something amazing!

Let's create your dream wedding

The fantastic thing about Celebrant led weddings is that couples have more choice over where they want their ceremony to take place. It could be that special beach where you had a first date, a woodland ceremony or countless other venues!

As an Independent Celebrant, I am not bound by any specific religious or formal building, so your script will be tailored to you and your story.

I don't need to stick to a script everybody has heard before, which may not reflect who you are and how you want to celebrate your day.

Additions such as blessings, prayers or hand fasting rituals can be included. We can honour multiple faiths, cultures, traditions and languages.

And as a bonus, we will have got to know each other well before the big day, so I'll be a friendly and reassuring face as you declare your love in front of your guests.


The possibilities are endless

I love creating beautiful ceremonies with thoughtful and meaningful touches.

I'd describe myself as traditional, with a modern vibe.

When I'm not working I like catching up with friends and family, usually over something tasty, getting outdoors in our gorgeous countryside, watching various sports or enjoying a quiet coffee with a good book.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can work together to create something amazing for your wedding day.

Bespoke Wedding Ceremony Service from £725

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    First we'll meet for a no-obligation consultation in person or via video call, to check available dates and to run through how we can work together.

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    We'll meet again, in person or via video call to talk through your vision for your wedding day and the type of ceremony you want me to create for you. Don't worry! It's a process, so not everything has to be decided at once and I can advise and guide you on the possibilities, logistics, vows, readings, rituals* and music.

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    I'll give you both questionnaires to complete to gain further insight into you as individuals and as a couple. This provides me with the foundations to create your unique ceremony script.

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    I will write your ceremony, making any changes along the way until you are satisfied with the script. We can keep vows or other parts as a 'surprise' for the big day if desired.

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    I will be in touch with your other wedding suppliers, venue, photographer etc to ensure plans for the day.

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    We can arrange a rehearsal at the venue* (subject to availability) or a run-through over video call before the actual wedding day.

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    On the day of the ceremony I will be there in good time to meet you and your guests, ready to officiate your ceremony.

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    You will be my only wedding that day, so I won't need to rush off to another event.

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    You will get a copy of your ceremony script from your special day.

*Additional fees may apply

Need some extra support on the day?

I can provide additional hosting for the wedding breakfast if required*.
Travel to locations further than 1 hour driving from Bexhill-on-Sea charged at 0.45p per mile.
I am happy to discuss wedding ceremonies abroad. Extra travel and accommodation fees would apply.


Get in touch to turn your dream ceremony into a reality.

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