The role of a Celebrant and why couples choose a Celebrant led ceremony.

I appeared on the Cherrywood Podcast where I explained what a Celebrant is, how I became one, some of the advantages of a Celebrant led wedding…as well as a host of other things!

Jen Woodley Celebrant holding clapper board for Cherrywood Productions Podcast

Celebrants work with couples and families to create and officiate milestone life events, such as weddings, baby namings, renewal of vows, funerals and celebrations of life. We will get to know you and really listen to find out what kind of a ceremony you want, advise you on writing vows, how to incorporate any readings, music or rituals you may want, before writing a personalised ceremony script for your special day. This process will usually happen over several months, giving the opportunity for reviewing, rehearsing and editing the script until it is just how you want it. 

With a Celebrant led wedding you can go for a traditional style ceremony or have something more creative, with nods to your favourite films, sports teams or lifestyle. 

What I love about Celebrant led weddings is the possibility of celebrating and acknowledging the heritage of both individuals, particularly when they are from different cultures or countries. 

Religious weddings will recognise only one faith and civil ceremonies cannot contain any religious or spiritual content, keeping to a specific legal script. But Celebrant led weddings can really embrace a couple’s diversity, family and friends can feel included and valued.

I am a lover of languages and a confident French and Spanish speaker. If you would like part of your ceremony to include these or another language, I am happy to oblige!

As I mention on the podcast, to make your marriage legal, you can have a short statutory ceremony where the legal paperwork is signed, this can happen before or after your Celebrant ceremony. You need to give notice to marry in the district where you live, but the legal ceremony can happen in another district and will need to be booked in advance.

Most of my professional career in teaching and publishing has combined communication, the power of words, with supporting people. As a Celebrant, I can continue to use this experience but in a more creative way, helping couples and families create the kind of ceremony that they believe is right for them.

During the podcast, we also chatted about how Celebrants can help support other suppliers at your wedding such as photographers and videographers, themed weddings, considerations for outdoors ceremonies and the wealth of beautiful venues in the South East of England….as well as a few other random topics!

If you want to watch or listen to the whole episode click on the video link.

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Ceremonies With Jen

As an Independent Celebrant, I am not bound by any specific religion or formal building.

I offer couples choice over where they want their ceremony to take place and how it will look and feel. No need to stick to a script everybody has heard before which may not reflect who you are and how you want to celebrate your day.

I offer ceremonies for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Namings, Funerals and Celebration of Life.

With a Celebrant-led ceremony the possibilities are endless!